Extreme Trucks from the 2016 Overland Expo in Arizona [Gallery]


The 2016 Overland Expo is going on this weekend (May 20-22nd, 2016) at Mormon Lake, Arizona. What is the Overland Expo? It’s a place for like-minded people to come together and share their passion for traveling unknown and exotic parts of the world by vehicle or motorcycle.

You are guaranteed to see extreme trucks and a variety of other vehicles, trailers, and accessories at the Overland Expo. It’s all about being adventurous and having the freedom to go anywhere in your vehicle. This can range from a small pop-up tent you can attach to your roof rack trailer, to simple trailer you can tow behind your SUV, and all the way to a military grade extreme off-road trucks with living quarters that can stay off the grid for extended periods of time.

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step …


We are still editing the video from the 2016 event. In the meantime, check out the cool vehicles from the 2015 Expo.