2017 Honda Ridgeline: Truck Bed Audio System Explained [Video]

2017 Honda Ridgeline truck tailgate bed
2017 Honda Ridgeline

How many factory pickup trucks have an in-bed audio system? The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is it. The pickup has six 10-watt exciters built into the composite bed sides. The exciters receive input from the stereo head unit inside the truck, and vibrate the bed panels to create sound. Presto! Now, you can enjoy your favorite music, sports game, or podcast on the outside. There is no need to wire your own set of speakers in the back for your next tailgate party. You don’t even have to roll down the windows or open the doors to let the stereo be heard in the outdoors.

The truck bed audio system components cannot be damaged by the cargo or weather elements because the components are sealed and installed on the inside of the bed panels. The in-bed audio is an extension of the interior speaker system. You can listen to the same inputs: AM/FM/XM radio, AUX input, USB, and more.

The in-bed system can only be turned on while the vehicle is stationary and in “park”. The in-bed audio is disabled at speeds greater than 10 MPH. Sorry, you cannot speed around your town blasting music. However, you could participate in a parade or cruise. If your speed is under 10 MPH, the show will go on.

Get everything you wanted to know about the Honda in-bed audio system in this video.