Top 5 Reasons Why Small Trucks Are Awesome! [Video]

1968 ford bronco halfcab project pickup truck small
1968 Ford Bronco Sport half-cab

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love small trucks and wish they were on sale in the United States. This conversation is NOT about “mid-size” pickups. We have nothing against the mid-sizers, but they got bigger and bigger over the years. We are talking about small pickup trucks that used to roam the American roads and highways decades ago. They are the utility vehicles with a footprint of a compact car or crossover.

Why use a 1968 Ford Bronco Sport half-cab? Because it is a small pickup truck from days gone by.

5. Maneuverability

This is simple. The smaller the truck the easier it to maneuver and to park. As more people move to urban centers, a smaller truck can be very useful for the adventurous and the utilitarian.

4. Bed Size

Not everybody needs an 8-foot or a 6.5 foot truck bed. A small bed can be just right for garden work, bicycles, camping, etc.

3. Price and Value

A truck does not have to be very fancy. Yes, it’s nice to have the luxuries, but keeping the truck simple makes it more reliable and also more affordable.

2. Fuel Economy

Technology has advanced so far over the last two to three decades.  There is no reason why a small truck cannot get well over 30 MPG.

1. Fun

A small and lightweight pickup truck can be a lot of fun.  This is why we love the 1968 Ford Bronco, although it has many quirks.

This is not a “minion”. It’s TFLtruck’s 1968 Ford Bronco project truck “Bronco Busting”.