Can the 2015 GMC Canyon Tow My Boat? [Ask TFLtruck]

2015 gmc canyon towing a boat in california
2015 GMC Canyon

TFLtruck recently received this question from one of our readers.

I had a question regarding a 2015 Canyon that I’ve been looking at. I would like to get the V6 All Terrain 2wd Canyon with towing package and am looking into towing my boat.

My question is: will the Canyon be enough to tow the boat? The boat and trailer weight is a total of 6,000 lbs. 4,500 for the boat and around 1,500 for the trailer.

Chadwick P.

This is a very important question. Getting the proper towing vehicle is important for your safety and comfort. While the 6,000 pound boat and trailer weight is within GMC Canyon’s 7,000 pound maximum towing capacity, please consider the following as well.

Payload Capacity

First, it is worth weighing your trailer on a certified scale to get the real number for your boat and trailer weight. While you might have the manufacturer boat weight, the extra equipment and gear may add more weight than you realize. The 6,000 pound trailer should have a tongue weight of around 600 pounds, if the trailer is properly loaded.

The 2WD Canyon has a payload capacity between 1,500 – 1,600 pounds. When you add the tongue weight, you have about 1,000 pounds of carrying capacity left over. That’s good. You can carry three or four people and their stuff.  It’s important to know what the maximum payload capacity is and not to exceed it. The sticker on the inside of the driver door has the tire manufacturer max. payload specification.

Check out the 2015 GMC Canyon 4×4 on the Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test.

Stable Platform

The longer the wheelbase of your truck, the more stable it will be towing a heavy trailer. If you tow the boat often and at highway speeds, then you should consider a truck with as long of a wheelbase as you can manage and afford.

Hills or No Hills?

Do you plan on towing across hills and mountains, or mostly on flat land? If you are tackling steep inclines and downhills, then you need good power and plenty of braking performance. If you put four people in the Canyon with a 6,000 lbs trailer in tow, then you are approaching your maximum GCWR. If you need to cross many mountains, then a half-ton truck would provide more confidence.

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Here is another Canyon with a boat in tow in Southern California.

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