Throwback Thursday: Jeep J-12 Pickup Concept at 2012 Easter Jeep Safari

2012 jeep j-12 pickup truck concept easter jeep safari

The 2012 Jeep Mighty J-12 Concept looks like the 1960s-era Jeep J-series Gladiator pick-up truck mashup with the new JK-8 Independence pickup conversion kit.

In fact, that’s a pretty good description of the concept Jeep J-12 that Nathan drove at this year’s 2012 Easter Jeep Safari.

The Jeep engineers decided to build a very retro Gladiator like truck on a modern four door Wrangler.

To make it a bit extra special they added a very retro interior bench seat and lengthened the bed of the pick-up to 6 feet to be able to locate a spare tire under the bed…old school style.

Plus they also rounded up some 1960s tires and Wheels making the Mighty J-12 the only Jeep in Moab this year to sport a set of stylish hub caps. Check out the video below as Nathan tests the Mighty J-12 Concept in the sands of Moab, Utah.