Throwback Thursday: 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon takes on Moab Off-Road

2013 ram power wagon off-road
2013 Ram Power Wagon shown here

There are just a few places that a full size pickup truck should never go.  Here’s one that comes to mind almost immediately… Wipe Out Hill in Moab, Utah.

As part of the 44th annual Jeep Moab Safari, TFL team had the chance to rock crawl a 2010 Ram Power Wagon up and down Wipe Out Hill.  and experience first hand what it must be like to take of in the space shuttle as I pointed the pick-up skyward to climb up the hill.

2013 ram power wagon hood

Did the truck make it up and down the rocky hill?  Was the truck able to squeeze through the narrow off-road trails?  Did Roman and Nathan survive this in one piece?

Watch this throwback video and find out:

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Andre Smirnov

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