Throwback Thursday: 1963 Dodge Power Wagon – Classics Revealed

1963 Dodge power wagon restored classic truck pickup

This week’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ is going way back.   It’s going all the way to the classic 1963 Dodge Power Wagon.   Check out this throwback TFL video of a great example of this classic one ton pick-up that could and still goes anywhere and does anything.

It was built on a military frame designed for the second world war and sold in America until the seventies (produced from 1946 – 1971).

Today this classic American pick-up will still haul your stuff to the most remote places on the earth.

We caught up with Richard Carlson and his 1963 Dodge Power Wagon at Lafayette, Colorado’s Saturday morning in August of 2011 at the local Coffee and Cars gathering.  Carlson says that he still uses the old pick-up on his ranch in Colorado as a work truck.

Check out the video below as we take a ride back in time in this green classic American work machine.