Project Super Duty: Ford F-250 Air Suspension Conversion (Episode 3)

Project Super Duty: Ford F-250 Air Suspension Conversion (Episode 3
Project Super Duty: Ford F-250 Air Suspension Conversion (Episode 3

Air suspension and trucks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Semi trucks have it. The new Ram 1500 has it and the Ram Heavy Duty just announced it.

Why? Because air suspension makes a truck ride better and haul better. The AutoFlex air suspension conversion should correct all these concerns by providing additional support and leveling out the truck and trailer combination.

When the tow vehicle is level, then it can function to the full extent of its design. There is another benefit – a smoother ride. You may have read reviews where we rave about the air suspension on the Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Mercedes-Benz GL550 and how smooth they are. Well, this conversion should have the same affect on the Super Duty. It should provide for a smoother ride for the people in the cab and the horses in the trailer. This air suspension system also provides trailing arms to better control the rear axle. This should show for better acceleration, stopping, and handling.

In this series of videos we take a new Ford F-250 and convert the leaf springs to air suspension. But to find out if air suspension is indeed better we run a series of performance test before and after we convert this Ford F-250 Super Duty to air suspension.

In episode 3 you can watch as we install the air suspension onto the Ford F-250.

BTW: A huge thank you to the help from our friend Kent from and TransWest who helped make this series  possible.

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