News: Tesla Cybertruck Will Be the Quickest Charging EV with a 1-Megawatt Speed

Production should begin in December 2023.

2024 tesla cybertruck charging speed megawatt megacharger v4 volt architecture

Tesla has its Semi Truck Delivery event in Nevada and announces some news related to the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. The company confirms that the Cybertruck will use its new Mega Charger V4 technology and become the quickest-charging EV with a charging speed of 1,000 kW or 1 MegaWatt. This charger technology is also supported by the Tesla Semi Truck.

tesla semi truck cybertruck charging speed

This also means that the Cybertruck will use a new 1,000 Volt system architecture (that is also in the new EV semi-truck). Here is a diagram that shows a comparison between Tesla’s V3 and V4 cables. The V4 cable is approximately the same diameter as the V3. It’s also liquid-cooled, but the design is new. This allows Tesla to pump a lot more current through the same-diameter cable. The V4 system cable is just as pliable as the current V3 cable.

For comparison, the current GMC Hummer EV pickup is currently the quickest charging EV pickup that uses an 800 Volt architecture and supports a charging speed of up to 350 kW.

The Cybertruck is expected to start production in December of 2023. We will have to wait longer to learn more precise specs about Tesla’s upcoming pickup.