Video: Here’s What Happened to Our Hummer EV When It Broke Down & Why We Traded Our F-150 Lightning for It!

Our long-term Ford F-150 Lightning is traded in.

2022 gmc hummer ev truck ford f-150 lightning electric trade sale price

You may have seen that TFLstudios purchased a new 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck and that it had a software problem that took us a while to reset. Here is the next chapter in our new Hummer EV story.

We were only able to purchase this truck thanks to our friend and TFL viewer – Jason. We purchased the truck together using Jason’s reservation and TFL’s funds. Jason supports this wonderful Colorado charity – Dumb Friends League. It’s an organization that helps with animal adoption.

We got our Hummer EV back from the dealership service center after just about a day and a half. The team at McCaddon GMC and GMC worked very quickly to help us resolve our problem. They updated the software and test-drove the truck to make sure all issues are resolved.

So why did we purchase the GMC Hummer EV and how did we get the $115,000 to do it? Well the video below explains all that.