Video: This Ford F-550 4×4 With Liquid Springs Might Just Be an HD Raptor You’ve Been Looking For!

This lifted truck has a payload of around 9,000 lbs!

2022 ford f-550 raptor active suspension liquid spring
Andre is in Indianapolis looking at work trucks and he found this mighty Ford F-550 sitting on Liquid Springs! (Image: TFLtruck)

The Liquid Spring suspension system is a completely different direction for heavy-duty suspensions. Andre got to go deep with this Ford F-550 example. This suspension has its own sensors and a computer to actively adjust the spring rates in near real-time. Could this be a super heavy-duty Ford Raptor you’ve been waiting for? Here are all the details.

Liquid Spring builds suspension systems are built to underpin heavy-duty trucks. Leaf and coil springs along with shock absorbers are removed to make way for the (silicone) hydrologically-adjustable system. It provides a variable spring rate and can adjust itself in 40-milliseconds to the desired setting.

The in-cab controller allows you to select various ride settings almost instantly. These include comfort, normal, and sport which changes with the pre-programmed algorithm. At under 10-mph, the system will allow you to go to its maximum height (for better off-road ability) or lowest height (for clearing low hanging obstacles).

Image: Liquid Springs

Normally, the company focuses on chassis cabs, heavy-duty trucks for industrial and agricultural applications, but they also work on Recreational Vehicles (RVs) as well. Motorhomes and personal off-road vehicles are also part of their focus. This example, an F-550 that was built by Elevation Off-Grid, is a beefy example of what is possible for enthusiasts.

A typical Liquid Springs system runs around $9,300 for the rear suspension and approximately $6,300 for the front axle. Installation prices and modification prices will vary. The potential for upgrading to a rugged, fully adjustable suspension that can handle excessive loads, cannot be ignored.

Liquid Springs underpins everything from busses, haulers, and RVs to heavy-duty off-road vehicles. (Image: TFLtruck)

We got this footage from the 2022 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN this week. In this video, Andre goes into detail with Liquid Springs’ rep Carl and gets a ton of information – just for you!

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