This Brand New 2021 Ram TRX is For Sale at!

These trucks are hard to find, but this one is here!

2021 ram trx sale tflbids

Check out this week’s TFLbids bargain! It’s a brand new 2021 Ram TRX super-truck with just 19 miles on the odometer. It’s on auction right here at without worrying about massive markups that some dealers are currently charging. This is a well-options truck with a luxurious Level 2 equipment package and beadlock-capable wheels. This truck is packing the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine with 702 horsepower. If you have been watching TFLtruck, you know that our red TRX truck proved that there are very few trucks or cars that are quicker than it in a straight line. It lost a drag race one twice: it lost once to another Ram TRX, and another time to a Nissan GT-R.

Of course, the TRX is much more than a fast-accelerating truck. It has the wide-body stance, the suspension travel, lots of traction, and the active Bilstein Blackhawk e2 shocks to take on and take down any competitor. Naturally, this includes the 2nd-generation Ford Raptor.

We have owned our Ram TRX for nearly five months and close to 6,500 miles. We have learned a lot after living with the truck on the daily basis. We did the first oil change, and sent in the oil sample for analysis. The truck has been mostly problem free. It’s been very capable and very reliable. It did go into a weird low-power mode during one of the drag races, but it quickly returned to normal after a restart. This issue has not returned.

You can learn more about our long-term Ram TRX truck in the video below.