Could The Future Chevy Silverado or Colorado Draw Design Inspiration From This Official Sketch?

Chevy Silverado design sketch
Jingxu Zhan images what we think is a pretty sweet looking Silverado — we hope either it or the Colorado take some on some design cues like this down the road. (Image: GM Design)

You can still see some current Silverado here, but this cranks things up a few notches.

These days, it’s not enough to just have your basic, boxy shapes when it comes to truck design. Much like sports cars and even crossovers, style is playing into the equation to an extent, as folks buy trucks as everyday vehicles, and not just workhorses. To that end, you get the current crop of models, including the fairly new Chevy Silverado, among others. Love it or hate it, the current design did at least push the envelope from previous generations. Now, thanks to General Motors Design’s Instagram page, we have another take on the modern truck courtesy of artist Jingxu Zhan.

Obviously, a good number of these styling cues would never make it to production. That’s the way with most conceptual drawings, from the high-placed door handles to the thin greenhouse area. At least this one has mirrors — we in the U.S. won’t see cameras flanking the doors in place of mirrors anytime soon.

As for the power bulges on the hood, the long thin vent, and the kicked out fenders, those are design cues that would be right at home on a modern truck — say, a Chevy Silverado ZR2? As interesting as the full-size rear-hinged doors would be as well, that does smack a bit too farfetched to see the light of day.

Nevertheless, there you have it. Check out the image above and let us know what (if anything) you think GM may want to translate to a future Silverado or Colorado pickup. As it happens, the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 is set to see some updates, so we’ll have that to look forward to in the coming months.