Spied: 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Prototype is Testing in Deep Sand!

It's testing next to a Honda Ridgeline.

2022 hyundai santa cruz prototype testing deep sand
images by: Kyle Thomson

Here is another look at the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz prototype pickups testing in the wild. This time, it’s on the beach. They are testing these crossover pickups in the sand, and they brought a Honda Ridgeline along for the ride.

Big thank to Kyle Thomson for sending us these images. Here is what Kyle writes about this sighting.

While out in the dunes at Pismo Beach on a random weekday two weeks ago, I spied two of these new trucks being tested in some DEEP sand way out in the back where nobody was. Even in my lifted Grand Cherokee with front and rear lockers, it was kind of dicey. These Santa Cruz pickups were just bouncing around in the sand. From what I can tell they were handling themselves with ease in the sand. Pretty cool! Just thought I’d share with you guys.

hyundai santa cruz honda ridgeline

What other vehicles will the upcoming Santa Cruz compete against? Well, there is just one other crossover pickup truck available in the United States at this time – it’s the Honda Ridgeline. Although, we expect the Santa Cruz to be a bit smaller than the Ridgeline – it appears that a Ridgeline is testing alongside the new Santa Cruz prototypes.