Video: Here’s How I Turned Our 19-Year-Old Tacoma Into A Tiny Raptor! Baby Yota Ep.8

2002 toyota tacoma 4x4 toytec suspension lift

Our Baby Yota project truck will have about a three-inch lift, but there’s more to it…

Our 2002 Toyota Tacoma project truck (Baby Yota) is getting a new suspension that will revitalize its on and off-road performance and help its payload capability. There’s more to it than that. Over the past 11-years TFL Studios has been knocking around, we’ve lifted other vehicles with mixed results. Often, issues begin when we add or subtract to the vehicle after we do the lift.

Images: TFLtruck

You can read about Baby Yota episode 7 (here).

This time, in anticipation of the extra weight we are going to add to our Baby Yota project, we are going to give it a three-inch lift. Our friends at ToyTec Lifts are handling the hard work, and they are installing their full kit to our truck. The rear gets an add-a-leaf for the rear springs along with beefy shocks, U-bolts, and more. Upfront, Baby Yota gets Toytec’s Alumina 2.0 coil-over front suspension and additional new gear.

The entire installation took about a day (with an alignment) and cost us $1,633.00

All of this was done in anticipation of new additions to the little truck. These include new off-road steel bumpers and a beefy winch. On top of that, there will be more gear added to the truck for overlanding and we will be adding a set of new tires. Tommy feels that he wants to keep the 31-inch tall tires about the same diameter despite the added height.

When we officially finish this light build, we are going to auction it off with all of the proceeds going to the Mountain States Children’s Home.

The main reason is: this truck has an anemic four-cylinder engine that works mighty hard as it is. Adding giant tires and even more weight to the mix could hurt the little guy. No one wants to hurt the cute little Baby Yota.

In this video, we get to see step-by-step, these additions being mounted to our little project truck. Tommy and Kase are on hand with lots of details.

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