What Is this New Peterbilt Semi Truck Hiding? Spied In the Wild!

Here is an expert, truck driver, analysis of the new prototype.

2022 peterbilt 579 semi truck new prototype diesel
(images: Brad F.)

Take a look at this new Peterbilt 579 semi truck prototype. Huge thanks to Brad F. who submitted the images and his expert analysis. Brad is a professional driver who currently drives a Peterbilt. Brad write below…

I caught another 2022 Peterbilt 579 Ultraloft hanging out on Thanksgiving at the Petro Stopping Center truck stop on the southeast side of Toledo, OH. I’m a Conestoga flatbed driver that also operates a 579 series Peterbilt so I can add to the photos some further information.

As you can see from this overall front shot the new 2022 hood design is much narrower and sharper than the existing 579 design seen on the truck to the right in this image. Also, the headlights have a new design, sharper and more angular. Previous 579 headlights have projection low beams and reflector high beams, the new design is projectors for both low and high. 

This closer quarter shot also reveals some additional changes. The intake has been greatly enlarged lengthwise on both sides of the hood. Also, you can notice the new wind deflectors on both sides of the windshield. As you’ve noted previously, the bumper now has a grill intake portion. I’ll mention this in my final comments.

This side angle also better highlights the new aerodynamic bumper additions. The wheel closeouts and skirt closeouts are carryovers from the Epic aerodynamic package previously offered. What’s new is the enhanced lower bumper fairings/closeouts. Also zooming in on this shot you can see how the side hood air intakes are longer as previously mentioned.

I took this photo to highlight the new design for the front lane departure camera design. It has a brand name on it I need to research more to understand what the changes could be. What’s notable is that this truck doesn’t have a front collision avoidance radar, which would normally be mounted in the number where this license plate is on this particular unit. This camera could also be just used by this particular fleet and may not be a new change for Peterbilt’s normal offerings. This shot also highlights the new side windshield A-pillar wind deflectors.

This shot highlights a new DEF cap opening design. This DEF filler opening is smaller than the previous design. Also missing is the handle/door to access the battery compartment between the side steps. Three screws appear to be new that are accessed through the spaces on the step treads. This may mean a new design where the side step skirt has to be unscrewed and removed for access to the battery compartment. If this is true it’s a step backward in access to the battery compartment. That’s a change I’m not looking forward to if true.

This final photo of the grille highlights additional wind deflector “spikes” added to the grill bars. Previously these bars were a flatter smooth design.

Overall the new 2022 Peterbilt 579 Ultraloft design is unchanged from the current body style. What’s notable are the aerodynamic additions and especially the new sharper skinnier hood/grille design and new lower bumper grill area. I didn’t take photos of what I discover looking through the hood/steer tire gap. I discovered that these design changes have been implemented by a redesign of the radiator. The radiator has been shrunken width-wise and enlarged height-wise to maintain the same previous surface area I’m guessing. The radiator mounts have been changed and the lower coolant return hose/pipe is lower to the ground now because the radiator is taller and thus lower than the previous design. Current engine designs used by Paccar (Peterbilt & Kenworth) along with the other manufacturers have been pretty much engineered to the max for fuel economy gains. I’m guessing that these design changes are necessary to gain fuel economy improvements wherever possible to meet new fuel economy standards. Whether or not the new aerodynamic parts are going to be standard or part of a new EPIC aerodynamic package will have to been seen. But I can definitely see the new hood design, lights, and bumper/radiator design changes being standard.

We do not have a recent video of a Peterbilt, so I am adding a video featuring a new Western Star 49X.