Video: We Just Bought A New Ford Raptor, and It Was a Painful Experience: Here’s What Happened!

This new truck purchase was unpleasant.

2020 ford f-150 raptor purchase new problems issues dealer
2020 Ford Raptor purchase.

Correction: The Ford dealership in Hastings, Nebraska contacted us and said they never had this truck in their possession but that it came from a dealership in Kansas. As such, they never had the key in their possession either. The dealership we purchased the truck from fixed the Raptor and now the mirror switch works. We apologize for the error.

If you follow TFLtruck, you know that we try to purchase one to three new trucks every year for long-term testing and video reviews. This is the time of year when we sell our trucks from the previous year, and put the money back in for the upcoming 2021 long-term test.

We built up this long-term test truck fleet capability thanks to all of you who watch and rear

In December 2013, TFLtruck purchase a new (gen-1) 2014 Ford SVT Raptor crew cab. We were fortunate enough to even go to the factory where it was built. That was the last year of the 1st-generation Ford Raptor. Well, history repeats itself. We just purchased a 2020 F-150 Raptor, which is supposed to be the last year of the 2nd-generation of the truck. The new 2021 (or 2022?) Ford Raptor is supposed to be coming within about a year from now.

We initially thought it would be fairly easy to find a new Ford Raptor because it’s the last year of a generation, and a new one is coming, and the new Ram TRX is just around the corner. However, we were wrong. Ford is getting to a point when they are stopping production of the 2020 F-150 trucks. They already switched one factory to build the new generation 2021 F-150, and the second factory is getting there as well. Many Raptors we saw are listed at over $100,000-$110,000 with a few dealer-installed modifications. Many other new unmodified Raptors are listed at or asking $10,000 – $20,000 over MSRP.

Finally, we found a fully-optioned 2020 Raptor at a local dealer in Colorado. Since we are purchasing this truck for the business to help with taxes, we jumped on this one. Boy were we surprised to find out it had over 1,000 miles on the clock, was just driven to Colorado from Nebraska, had a broken outside mirror switch, and came with only one key.

Check out the video for all of the details.