Can a Ford Raptor Really Tow a 5th Wheel Camping Trailer? This Owner Says Yes

Should a Raptor be able to do everything?

2019 ford raptor towing a 5th wheel camper trailer

We know that Ford rates the standard F-150 for gooseneck and 5th-wheel trailer towing, but the Raptor off-road truck is a different animal. Can a Ford Raptor tow a 5th-wheel trailer? Take a look at the video below. The image and video are from the VITAL Explorer channel. 

The Raptor is equipped with aftermarket rear axle bump stops and a 5th-wheel hitch. Otherwise, the springs and shocks on this truck appear to be stock. The Puma trailer’s hitch weight is listed at 1,427 lbs. The dry/empty weight of the trailer is 6,801 lbs. The hitch weight of the trailer is outside of the Raptor crew cab payload rating (1,200 lbs), but the empty trailer weight is within the limits (8,000 lbs). Of course, the trailer GVWR is higher than the Raptor’s maximum towing capacity.

TFLtruck does NOT condone towing a trailer that is over payload, towing, GAWR, GVWR, or GCWR of your truck. Please check the towing ratings and guidelines from your truck’s manufacturer.