You SAY You Love Work Trucks, But Here’s Why Many People Don’t Buy Them!

Everyone misses the simple, inexpensive trucks of the past, so why doesn't anyone buy them?

One of the primary complaints we see regarding new trucks is their cost. Trucks have gotten expensive, everyone wishes they could still buy the simple, hard working trucks of the past. Or so they say, because sales show otherwise.

More and more, people use trucks as daily drivers rather than farm equipment. Trucks have been adapting to their new environments by becoming more luxurious and expensive as a result.

2020 Trail Boss Max Tow

The most expensive trims from each of the big three manufacturers top out around $100,000, a number most people can’t afford. This begs the question, why is it that people are spending so much money on trucks?

Manufacturers tend to profit more off of luxurious models, and as a result many lower trims are spec’d in a way to push buyers towards a higher trim model.

We recently tested a Chevy Trail Boss Custom, not the least expensive Silverado, but far from the most optioned. At $44,510 MSRP, the Custom came without a trailer brake controller, without auto-braking, without blind spot monitoring, without keyless entry, with a low-resolution camera, and with noticeably reduced material quality.

Granted, that price includes the cost of a large and addictively powerful 6.2L V8 among some other basic options. However, many of the features listed above are becoming standard in other segments. Toyota and Nissan both offer the safety features listed above and more as standard on their economy cars.

Though buyers may want less expensive trucks, many aren’t willing to give up certain features. As a result, they get upsold into more premium truck trims.

For more information on this trend, see Tommy’s latest video, linked above, where he walks through the features on the new Chevy Silverado Trail Boss Custom.