Bollinger Unveils 2022 Deliver-E Van To Take On The Delivery Market

Technically a concept right now, Bollinger plans to build the van within the next two years

It’s not a huge market yet, but several players are vying for the first bite of the apple with electric delivery vans. Rivian is under contract to build 100,000 vans for Amazon and both Ford and GM are working on their own EVs, and now Bollinger is throwing its hat in the ring with this — the Deliver-E concept.

2022 Bollinger Deliver-E

“We took our extensive Class 3 electrification knowledge and applied it to the delivery sector,” said CEO Robert Bollinger in the company’s Thursday announcement. “Our Deliver-E van gives commercial fleets the power to go green and save on ownership costs, while neighborhoods will benefit from a reduction in air and noise pollution.” To that end, the Deliver-E is a front-wheel drive platform Bollinger will build to suit many wheelbases and battery capacities across multiple weight classes.

Bollinger plans to build its electric van with a manufacturing partner in 2022. The company aims to scale the van across Class 2B, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 GVWR ratings, with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than its gas or diesel-powered competition. The high-strength steel frame will accommodate several battery sizes. From 70 kWh, the Bollinger Deliver-E could also house 105, 140, 175 and 210 kWh battery packs. No range information is available in any configuration yet. This is a concept for now, but hopefully we will see more information once the Deliver-E is actually slated for production.

The 2022 Bollinger Deliver-E uses the same major components as its other models. However, apart from the motors, batteries, inverters and gearboxes, the platform upon which everything is mounted will be specific to the Deliver-E van.