Would This Even Work? Could this Tesla Cybertruck Camping Trailer Actually Happen?

How do you match a triangle to a square?

Yep, that’s a Tesla Cybertruck trailer concept!
Photos: Cybertruckownersclub.com

A Tesla Cybertruck RV trailer? Why not?

These images are brought to us by Cybertruckownersclub.com. This concept may appeal to a few people who are seriously considering towing with their Tesla. What makes this concept look unique over past drawings and renderings is its sheer scale. It’s a big travel trailer.

There are no real details about this concept, but there are a few things we can gather by simply looking at it. For one thing, the load floor looks like it cold be large enough to house extra batteries and cooling equipment. This could compensate for the range this massive trailer would take away from the Cybertruck.

It’s possible that the designer may have envisioned an even more ambitious addition – powered trailer wheels. Yep, they could have looked at concepts like the Dethleffs e.Home Coco which has electric motors in the wheel hubs that help propel the trailer. This minimizes power use from the tow vehicle and, it could help return some power through solar panels and brake regeneration.

Possible problems

All speculation aside, there appear to be a few issues with this concept, namely it’s hitch setup. If you look at the design of the bed of the Cybertruck, the lowest rotating point of the trailer (in this case, under the bedroom) has to be pretty high. That way, the gooseneck hitch can sit near the center point of the rear axle. If it’s too far back, it could have balance, steering and towing issues. The slant of the Cybertruck bed section is the main culprit here.

The floor of the trailer looks very low. This is a good thing for aerodynamics, but it could be an issue off-road or on a steep driveway. Even on a dirt road, that low hanging platform looks like it could get hug-up easily.

We like the idea of finding solutions for towing with EVs and we’re excited to see what designers have in store in the near future!

Speaking of towing with EV trucks…

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