Is GM Preparing The Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss To Fight The F-150 Raptor? [Photos]

This race truck could be a good sign

Could this Silverado race truck become Chevy’s Raptor fighter?
(Photo: Chevrolet)

Chevy’s Raptor fighter?

What you see here is a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado racing truck for the Best in the Desert Racing series. It’s built to compete in the 1200 Stock class, as such, it is a mostly stock truck. That means there’s a limits to changes made to the suspension components, powertrain and underbody. Still, they must install mandatory race-safety equipment. It will race alongside the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. They share many of the same components and will race together on the Hall Racing team.

Chevy started with a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss. That includes the (recently added) 420-hp, 6.2L V8 hooked up to a 10-speed automatic. The big changes include the addition of “prototype” high-capacity Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSVT) dampers. These are similar to the ones used on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. Chevy added a long-travel suspension along with front and rear jounce shocks and rear shock skids. They included 35-inch off-road tires and skid plates covering the transfer case, steering gear, rear differential and front underbody.

The Silverado race truck debuted October 10th at the Laughlin Desert Classic
(Photo: Chevrolet)

Here’s Chevy’s take

“Off-road racing is just brutal on vehicles,” said Mark Dickens, chief engineer, Government Programs, Performance Variants, Parts and Motorsports. “And a single race puts more wear and tear on trucks than most vehicles will experience in years. That makes off-road racing a valuable test bed to evaluate new components. What we learn while racing informs everything. From future performance parts and accessories to GM Defense projects and production vehicle changes.”

Will Chevrolet take the lessons learned from this racing endeavor with this Silverado and apply them to the street? Chevy fans are looking for a factory-built truck that can take the fight to the Ford Raptor. Perhaps this is a first step in that direction?

“I’m incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished with the Colorado ZR2 race truck. And I’m excited to see what the Silverado is capable of,” said Chad Hall of Hall Racing. “With Colorado ZR2, we cut four hours off our race time from our first Vegas to Reno race to our second. When you marry that suspension design and expertise with the Silverado’s 420-hp V-8 and even greater suspension travel, I believe this new race truck will be a beast on the race course.”

The Silverado race truck debuted October 10th at the Laughlin Desert Classic
(Photo: Chevrolet)

Is there a business case?

Would you be interested in a Chevrolet pickup truck that can go head-to-head with the Ford Raptor? Ram is working on one (the TRX), so why not GM? Depending on the race results and consumer input, there could be a case for building up a consumer-friendly version. As for now, we will see how this beefy truck does in the desert.

One more thing: “The Silverado will be joined in the Laughlin Desert Classic by Hall Racing’s Colorado ZR2, driven by Frank D’Angelo. Chevrolet will participate in six Best in the Desert races next year, along with the Mint 400, with both Silverado and ZR2.” – – Chevrolet

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