This 2021 Ford Raptor Prototype Still Sounds Like a Turbo V6 (Spied in the Wild)

The "street sweeper" prototype is testing in Colorado.

2021 ford raptor f150 prototype
2021 Ford Raptor prototype (photo by Kirk)

Here it is – the Ford Raptor prototype truck with disguised rear suspension (aka. the “street sweeper) is now testing in Colorado. We call it the “street sweeper” (named by because of its brush camouflage that hangs down below.

Thanks to Kirk for providing this image and a report. If you have any images or video of prototype truck, you can send them to

2021 Ford Raptor

Kirk is reporting that he heard a distinctive and familiar twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 exhaust note from this test truck. There is still hope that Ford will also add a V8 into the mix for the next Raptor, but this is not officially confirmed.

The industry is expecting Ford to update the F-150 Raptor for the 2021 model year, along with the redesigned 2021 Ford F-150 lineup. Other closeup images of the rear suspension on this test truck shows a clear lack of rear leaf springs. We think Ford is testing a five-link coil spring solid axle rear suspension.

2021 ford f150 crew cab 4x4 prototype
2021 Ford F-150 crew cab prototype (Photo: Nate W)

You can also see a redesigned dual exhaust system on this truck. The outlets on this test truck are a little smaller in diameter than on the current production truck. Also, the dual exhausts are able to be routed a little higher, so the pipes tuck closer to the rear bumper. In theory, this should give the updated Raptor truck a little better departure angle.

This rear suspension could also have a lot in common with the rear suspension design of the Ford Ranger Raptor – that is available in markets other than North America.

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