(Updated) 2020 Jeep Gladiator Trailer Brake Controller Will Be Available From the Factory Later This Year

Is the 2020 Jeep Gladiator’s trailer brake controller no longer offered.

[Update] We got official clarification from Jeep that “the trailer brake controller will indeed be available as an option from the factory later this year.”

Earlier today we reported that the 2020 Jeep Gladiator will not offer a standard or options trailer brake controller. When the 2020 Gladiator truck goes on sale in May 2019, that is the case. This came from the Jeep Information Center. Now, Jeep sent a clarification stating that it will be available later in 2019. The exact date or month were not specified.

Trailer brake controller is very important when towing a heavier trailer. For example, the state of Colorado requires that any trailer with gross vehicle weight of over 3,000 lbs have functioning trailer brakes. This regulation varies state to state.

You can solve this in several different ways. The trailer may be equipped with a hydraulic surge brake. Many boat trailers are setup like this. The momentum of the truck and trailer activates the brakes when slowing down. In this case, trailer light wiring is needed, but a brake controller is not required.

However, if the trailer has electrically activated brakes – the trailer brake controller is critical to safety. You can install an aftermarket trailer brake controller, or order one with your vehicle from the factory.

Here is a video featuring an aftermarket remotely operated trailer brake controller.

Currently, the online Jeep Information Center provided the following answer to the Jeep Gladiator brake controller question. “A Trailer Brake Controller is not offered on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator lineup as standard or optional equipment. As such, we would certainly encourage customers to contact a reputable RV upfitter for any questions concerning the aftermarket installation of such a feature.” – – FCA Representative

Jeep trailer brake controller (Photo: Jeep)

A few months ago, we presented a video featuring the Jeep Gladiator’s configurator. On it, we noted the optional trailer brake controller and even showed you an image of it. Oddly, Jeep has completely removed the option and image from the configurator.

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is rated at a class-leading 4×4 midsize truck tow rating of 7,650 lbs. This was a huge part of the marketing at its launch and we even have a first drive review video of it towing a 6,000 lbs boat. The Jeep Gladiator’s optional towing package, as well as the Maximum towing package on the Sport S are still available.

Speaking of towing, here’s Andre towing with the Jeep Gladiator!

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