2021 Ford Courier mini-Truck Prototype Shows Independent Rear Suspension and Dual Exhausts (Spied)

ford courier pickup truck 2021 prototype
Ford Courier prototype

We get a closer look at the upcoming 2021 Ford Courier compact truck with these latest prototype spy shots. Yes, the prototype looks like a small minivan, but several sources confirm that it is indeed an early prototype of a Ford mini-truck that would slot beneath the Ford Ranger in size, price, and capability. The camouflage makes it look like a van, including a sliding passenger door and rear barn doors.

A closer look at the rear of the prototype shows an independent rear suspension. This once again suggests that the smallest of Ford trucks will use a unibody platform.

We do know that Ford intends to produce and sell a small and more affordable compact pickup truck in the United States. Ford executive, Jim Farley, has confirmed this intention in January 2019. Although, he did not name the truck by name or disclosed more specifications.

There are sources that suggest that the Ford Courier will reach the US market in late 2020 or early 2021 as a 2021 model.

We do not have official confirmation about much else. While there are the following reports about the upcoming Courier, we cannot yet confirm that it will have both two-door and four-door configurations. We cannot confirm that which small turbocharged engine it will have, or whether a gas/electric hybrid will be available. Same goes for the report that the Courier will be based on a new unibody Ford Focus platform.

It makes sense that it would be available on a Ford Focus. It makes the truck smaller, lighter, and potentially more fuel efficient in the FWD configuration.

A truck like the Courier would be good in the urban environment where space is at a premium, but the need and utility of a truck remains. These small trucks could serve as delivery vehicles. Urban dwellers could also use the truck as a weekend vehicle. Trucks of all kinds are getting larger, more capable, and more expensive. Having a truly small pickup truck that is more affordable is a welcome proposition.

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