Ask TFLtruck: Can you guys help Nomad, my service dog?

At TFLtruck we get dozens of emails each week asking us for truck help. Unfortunately much of our day and night is spent traveling, filming and editing truck videos so we just don’t have the bandwidth to answer all of TFLtruck’s viewer questions.

That’s why we need your help. We have one of the best and most active online truck communities with a depth of truck knowledge that easily exceeds our entire teams. So…..every Sunday we’ll be posting the questions that we get from our readers and viewers that we just can’t answer.

With your help we hope to put the power of the TFLtruck community to good use. Please take a look at the reader and viewer questions below. Your help in solving these fun and interesting truck questions is much appreciated. We know we have some of  the best truck experts in the biz right here. Please help if you can.

Chris writes:

Hey guys, I have owned both a ’16 Rebel, and my current ’17 Limited, and make extensive use of the rear fold out platform for my 110lb service dog. I have watched tons of videos looking for more information on what Ram has done with that since it appears to be gone now. All I can see is cheers about the floor being flatter, yet they still have that organizer bin where I am guessing half the space is taken up by the speaker system still meaning you can’t just opt out of the plastic organizer to free it up like some other trucks I have had.

Can you guys help Nomad, my service dog, understand what they have done since it wasn’t covered? Might be a big deal for those of us that bring our dogs into the cab. If they don’t have a solution, I may not be trading for a Ram on my next jump in a year or two.
Nomad says thanks!

2019 Ram 1500 images.

Bryan Writes:

First – thanks SO much for your comprehensive reviews and videos, it has made researching new trucks more fun, comprehensive and easy.
QUESTION: Do you have any insight into corrective action(s) that Toyota has taken to ensure that later model (2015 and more recent) truck frames are not subject to the same rust issues that plagued their vehicles in the 2000-2010 timeframe?
‎We enjoyed a favorable experience with  our 2005 Sequoia (300,000 miles), which seemed to confirm Toyota’s good reputation for quality and reliability.  However, the frame rust issue (to include the mixed reviews on how it has been addressed) has shaken my confidence. Any insight you can provide on how Toyota may have addressed this issue in later model years would be a critical input to my next truck purchase decision.  After a few more frustrating hours on the internet, I called Toyota corporate customer care directly (they could not answer the question) – but I did finally track down a dealer / service manager who stated that Toyota started using a dipping process on the frames (since 2009) that had addressed the rust issues. Apparently there have been no problems with later models…(?)
If you have any information that expands on (or refutes)‎ this corrective action story – I’d be happy to receive it…
 In advance, thanks very much!
(and keep up the great work!)
 Stefan writes:
 Good Morning Roman,
 Firstly, thank you for replying to my first e-mail, and to my initial question as to which 2019 new pickup truck I should go for??.
You may recall i currently own and run a 911 4S Cabriolet  (below), I’m keeping my STTEFF number plate for the new pickup truck!)
and i know want to move into something more ‘practical’, and  to get myself into the pickup truck world.
The good news is i‘ve decided to do this just at the right time when Ford, Chevy, and Ram have all introduced their Brand New offerings for 2019!, and are all vying  for my hard earned cash!!
I guess i have two ways to go with this (myself being a Yorkshireman in the U.K. on this side of the pond)…….American? or  European?..
(1) Go American, with either…F 150, Chevy Silverado, Ram or Tundra
(2) Go European, with either…Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, Ford Ranger Wildtrack or Raptor if it come to the uk?!
If i put my ‘sensible hat’ on i guess i should go for the ones which are more efficient, reliable, give great MPG.. and one i can get 1,000,000 miles from etc, etc…..
but then when i look at the  New ‘MERICA pickup Trucks, I just want to get myself into a luxurious big Roomy Naturally Aspirated V8 with that great authentic ‘burbling’ V8 sound and go NUTS!!
It would be GREAT if you and Andre and Nathan and Mike and ALL the guys of your team at TFL Trucks could take time out and look at all the pros and cons of the above choices, and all get together for a little while and help me on this?? I will be happy to give you my input as and when you may need it?!
The last thing i want is to come out of my 911, and have buyers remorse in choosing the wrong truck!!!  What a dilemma i’m in…..HEEELLLLLP!!
I sure hope you and the TFL Team can help me with this dilemma?!
Kindest regards,
And finally Antonio writes:

Hi my name is Antonio, I am a fan of your videos – wanted to know what was your opinion on the hummer h3t alpha off road against newer off road vehicle’s – I would like to know your guys opinion when every you get a chance

Eric writes:

Hey there

I love all the work you guys are doing, its by far the best truck channel on youtube.
I know this is a tough question but I thought if anyone had an idea about it it would be you guys.
I am looking to buy a new 1 ton dually in the coming months. But I would really hate to buy one a few months before the new redesigns are released.
Do you have an estimate on when the new Ram and Gm HD 1 ton trucks will be announced or released??
Appreciate any guidance you could give.
Thanks for all of your help. Very much appreciated!
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