What Could a Ford F-350 Super Duty Raptor Look Like? Dude, I Love My Ride! (Video)

2018 ford f350 super duty ba350 badass defco trucks
Ford F-350 : BA-350 by DefcoTrucks

What would a new Ford Super Duty Raptor look like? The guys at Defco Trucks in Colorado think it would be like this BA-350 Stage-2 Ford F-350 with a fully built suspension, body, and 43-inch tall tires. BA-350 stands for Bad Ass, which is a crew cab heavy duty truck that is 7’2” tall and 93 inches wide.

The stage-2 is using a unique suspension design front and rear to provide up to 12 inches of travel in the front and 17 inches in the back. It’s rolling on 43-inch tires that are also original equipment on the Mercedes Unimog trucks. The suspension uses specific springs and King shocks with a cantilever design in the rear.

The widebody fenders front and rear are made out of fiberglass and look to be well integrated into the overall look, including paint.

The 6.7L Power Stroke V8 is left in stock form including all of the emissions equipment (DEF is still there), but the rear section of the exhaust had to be modified to accommodate for the special suspension.

The truck you see here is still equipped with a 3.55 rear axle gear ratio (the guys are working on a 4.30 gearing option), but this truck still has plenty get up and go as we found out on a short ride. The knobby tires make a distinct and noticeable hum at highway speeds, as you would expect. This nearly 9,500 lbs truck gets 12-13 MPG in the city and about 17 MPG on the highway, according to Doug.

There are three stages for this turn-key conversion.

The stage-1 includes the widebody fenders, bumpers, tires, and the whole look of the BA-350 truck – but without the fancy high-travel suspension. This is priced at $38,850 on top of the price of a donor 2017 and up Super Duty truck.

Stage-2 or basically the truck you see here is priced at $69,000 plus the price of the truck.

There is another Stage that the company calls LTFO (or limitless) that adds a roll cage, spare tire carriers, engine tune, and more for additional $25,000+.

Take a look at all of the details in the video.