What Happened to Rusty Boy? Our Ford F250 High Boy!

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Many viewers of the TFLnow channel and TFLtruck.com, have been commenting on the whereabouts of the 1974 Ford F-250 Highboy, otherwise known as “Rusty Boy” and why it has been so absent.

Well, back in October of 2017, the truck parted ways with the TFL family when Tommy met with the father and son who had contacted him about buying the truck. On a separate occasion when the father and son were at TFL headquarters, they had seen Rusty Boy, and much like Tommy when he first saw the truck, they knew they wanted it. So, roughly a week later, the duo drove Rusty Boy off to its new home where it would serve as the first high school vehicle/project for the kid.

There’s no need to worry for the truck is in good hands, the new owner has had multiple Ford F-250 Highboy’s in the past and intends to straighten out Rusty Boy. Tommy and others at TFL were sad to see the truck drive off. However, it will continue to make an appearance every now and then on TFLnow and TFLtruck. Despite the parting, every cloud has a silver lining, and that silver lining is Tommy’s new vehicle. A 1961 International Scout 80.

There’s still much more to be told and Tommy has that information. His new barn find Scout and more on Rusty Boy can be found in this video.