Top 5 Unique Trucks You Can Buy Today, And Maybe Didn’t Know Existed [Video]

Let’s have a little fun here. Before you watch the video here are some hints about the trucks that make up the list of the Top 5 Unique Trucks You Probably Don’t Know Exist But You Can Buy Today… long name, I know. If only we were more clever.

#5 – This is a limited edition truck that’s only available in California. It supposedly boasts a 13% improvement in fuel economy over the standard version of itself thanks to a mild hybrid system that costs $500. Bonus points if you know what the system is called.

#4 – Described by Roman as “gassy,” this truck didn’t impress while towing and to get it, you actually have to roll up your sleeves and do a conversion – or you can have it done through the company that provides the truck. Unfortunately, the technology still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


#3 – This truck doesn’t wouldn’t cut it in Colorado most of the year but a person in southern climates, especially where sand is prevalent, might be able to make due. It’s a Nissan and it ain’t a Titan. That’s all I’ll say about this one.

#2 – Next up is a new vehicle that’s received a lot of hate lately from the enthusiasts. Although we haven’t driven one yet, I’ll assume it’s actually a very practical vehicle that would satisfy the needs of the majority of people who think they need a more traditional truck.

#1 – There’s not much to say about this next one except that it’s in a class all by itself. Well, it is the only one in its class that be had with a manual. What’s the class you ask? Heavy-Duty.

Bonus: The bonus vehicle is the only truck you can buy in the U.S. that has 4-wheel-drive.

Think you know what the trucks are? Check out the video at the top of the page and see how you did.

Roman and Nathan

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