Will It Cross the Mud Hole? Underwater Humvee Misadventure [Video]

humvee utah desert mud hole stuck 6x6 drown
Humvee – TFLtruck misadventure

It’s just a puddle in a middle of the Utah desert. Right? Wrong!

Guys at Plan B Supply invited me to their Odgen, UT facility to check out their latest military Humvee and 5-ton truck creations. However, you cannot just look at these off-road beasts in the shop, one must take them out into the wild to see what they are made of. That’s exactly what we did by driving over an hour to Knolls, UT.

Knolls off-highway vehicle area is 36,000 acres of any off-roader’s dream. It has miles of sand dunes, desert trails, rocky and sandy hill climbs, and (as we found) salty water hazards.  We have a triple vehicle mashup video coming up very soon, but what you see here is me making my second attempt to cross what appears to be a large puddle. It turned out to be a salty mud hole over four feet deep. My first attempt was in another vehicle and was also unsuccessful. You will have to wait a few days for to publish the entire off-road adventure story.


Plan B Supply buys military trucks directly from the Department of Defense. They customize them with popular options or to specific customer requirements, and sell them. You can register most 6×6 heavy trucks and some Humvee for street use in most states. EPA-emissions exempt Humvees cannot be registered in some states such as Colorado. Plan B modifies the Humvees with comfortable seats, aluminum doors, roofs, and other body components. The 6×6 5-ton trucks also get special treatment with custom steel bumpers, higher roofs and crew-cab configurations.

Watch the incident unfold here.

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