Ram ProMaster City Sees Triple Digit Growth in Small Commercial Van Segment [Sales Report]


2016 Ram ProMaster City

The small commercial van is a vehicle with limited appeal but for those who need maximum utility in a tiny package, nothing beats one of the four vehicles listed below. The segment is getting more competitive with the introduction of new vehicles from Ram and Chevy last year. The Ford Transit Connect used to be the reigning champ of the ‘lil haulers, selling more than all of the competitors combined. It still is, nearly doubling sales of its closet competitor, but it’s appears to be losing its footing. Sales have slumped for the Transit Connect for March 2016 vs. 2015 by -25.6%, while YTD sales are down -11.3%.

The Chevy City Express, which is essentially a rebadged Nissan NV200, has ramped up sales by more than 73% when comparing sales from March of last year to the current year. The men and women at Ram have even more to celebrate. The ProMaster City, which sold just 93 units during its first month of sales last January of 2015, has seen a 260% increase in March ’16 sales compared to the same month last year. YTD sales are up 529% so far.

Small Commercial Vans – March 2016 Sales

March 2016 # Mar ’16 / ’15 % YTD 2016 # YTD ’16 / ’15 %
Ford Transit Connect 3,619 -25.6% 10,068 -11.3%
Nissan NV200 2,416 71.5% 5,352 38%
Ram ProMaster City 1,814 260% 4,551 529%
Chevrolet City Express 1,170 73.3 2,614 40.2

Check out this TFLtruck small working van mashup video.