1968 Ford Bronco Half Cab Takes on the Colorado Cliffhanger Trail [Video]

1968 ford bronco half cab pickup truck off-road colorado mountains
1968 Ford Bronco Half Cab

Can the 1968 Ford Bronco half cab go up the steep and rutted Colorado Cliffhanger trail? How about doing in a middle of a thunderstorm?

The Bronco has a lot going for it. This Sport model is powered by the 289 cu-in V8 that was rated between 195 and 200 horsepower when new. The torque stands at a very respectable 288 lb-ft. The three-speed manual (on the tree) transmission sends the power to the old-school 4×4 system with low range and manually locking hubs.

It has a short wheelbase and small overall size, so it maneuver around and go over many obstacles.

This truck spent all of its life in Colorado, so the carburator is jetted for altitude. However, how will it react to extreme grade of the Cliffhanger trail? Also, the tires are old and dry-rotted.

Can the little truck bounce up the muddy trail in the middle of heavy rain and even hail? Watch out the crazy adventure here.