Photo of the Day: 2014 Ford Raptor shows off sexy legs

2014 Ford Raptor shows off sexy legs
2014 Ford Raptor shows off sexy legs

The  2014 Ford Raptor is a sexy truck.


Perhaps this TFLtruck photo of the day will explain the reason.

Check out the double set of long and lovely Fox shocks pocking from underneath the bed. Just look at the amount of room (read wheel travel) below the top of the rear wheel arch.

That’s a very serious amount of suspension travel that allows the the 2014 Ford Raptor to easily take on roads and mountains where other pickups fear to tred. When you combine this much suspension travel with a classic American pickup V8 that produces over 400 HP you have what perhaps is the sexiest and most capable factory produced off-road truck.  Do you agree or disagree? Please let us know in the comments below what other race ready trucks can compete with the Raptor right off the factory floor.

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