Everything You Ever Want to Know: 2015 Ford F-450 Power Stroke

2015 ford f-450 super duty video

The 2015 Ford F-450 Super Duty and all Power Stroke equipped Ford pickups receive an update 6.7L turbo diesel.  The new motor has a bigger turbocharger and upgraded fuel injectors to make more power than ever before.  How much power and what are the new tow ratings?  Ford has not disclosed this information yet, but they did say power, torque, and towing capability are all improved.  The new model also has a feature that Ford Super Duty owners have been missing for some time – an exhaust brake.  The new turbocharger allows for exhaust brake functionality.

The new truck also has larger diameter rims and heavy duty tires to improve its hauling capabilities.  We are eager to learn the new engine specifications and tow ratings and we will report this as soon as Ford releases this information.

Watch this insider TFLtruck video to learn everything about the 2015 F-450.  Here you can see Ford engineer answer questions about the larger turbocharger, exhaust brakes, and much more.


Andre Smirnov

Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, writer, reporter, and software engineer. He has been a contributor at TFL since 2011. When not working or spending time with the family – you can find him tinkering in the garage or simply ‘going for a drive’.