Here’s How a Ram 2500 Works Towing With a Lift and 37s

Stay tuned to see how the truck tackles off-roading as well.

Towing With a Lift and 37s

What happens when you try towing with a lift and 37s on your truck? Plenty of people modify their diesels, but do you risk losing the capability? To find out, we’re using our 2022 Ram 2500 Cummins.

Heavy-Duty diesel trucks like our Ram 2500 are best for fuel economy and high tow ratings. However, our truck is now riding on BDS suspension with Fox shocks and 37 inch tires. Plus, it has an Alu-Cab camper shell over the bed. All of those items make for a good overlanding rig, but not necessarily a tow rig.

Here’s Why We’re Making The Trip

Andre and David decided to hook up a trailer anyway, and keeping our Aluma trailer company is Andre’s Soviet Buhanka van. From the truck’s front bumper, to the trailer’s taillights there’s give or take 15,000 pounds worth of metal. Thankfully a 6,500 pound trailer setup is well within our Ram’s towing capability.

As part of our Trailhound TFLoffroad series, the guys are taking the rig all the way down to Devil’s highway in Arizona. The total trip will be around 900 miles. Once they reach their destination, Andre will unload his Buhanka and run it alongside the truck off-road. For this video though, David and Andre are looking to see what kind of fuel economy the truck will get. Starting point for the fuel test is in Boulder, Colorado and they’ll have results by Grand Junction.

Along the way there’s everything from steep grades to intense winds, and even the Ike Gauntlet. A 200 mile trip from Boulder to Grand Junction is a brief stint of the total drive. Even so, by the end of it they’ll know just how well our modified truck pulls weight. To see the results and what kind of fuel economy they get towing with a lift and 37s, check out the video linked below!