Update: The Ford Maverick Hybrid Will Soon Be On Its Way To Customers & Dealers As It Clears ‘OK-to-Buy’ Hurdle

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid
A ton of folks have been waiting for their Ford Maverick Hybrid, and it looks like the truck just cleared one of the last internal hurdles. (Images: Ford)

The Ford Maverick Hybrid has reportedly hit “OK-to-Buy” status.

There’s some good news emerging from the Maverick Truck Club and Maverick Chat forums on the 2.5-liter Hybrid model, noting it’s just passed a milestone toward actually reaching customers in January 2022.

Here’s the quite (per the forums) citing Ford:

We are excited to announce that the official OK-To-Buy declaration has been achieved for the 22MY Maverick 2.5L Hybrid model and will now begin shipping to our Ford dealers. This means that the Hybrid Maverick is now sellable (has passed all tests/etc) and can be shipped from factory to dealers/customers/etc.”

This checks out with last month’s reports that the Maverick Hybrid deliveries would be delayed until January 2022. While the Blue Oval claimed remarkable fuel economy at 42 MPG — we’ll have our independent MPG testing out on TFLtruck this week — the truck needed to pass state and federal emissions certifications before actually going on sale.

Now, it seems the truck is green-lit to ship out as we roll into December, with anxiously awaiting customers receiving their orders in the coming weeks. To date, Ford has not provided specific order numbers on the hybrid model, though with a starting price of $21,490 including destination, it’s likely the automaker’s production capacity is spoken for well into 2022. That won’t help matters with markups, of course, but hopefully we’ll see plenty of Maverick Hybrid trucks hitting the streets soon.

In the meantime, check out our latest video with the Maverick below: