Video: You Get What You Pay For – Only One Has a Working 4×4 System

We run Cliffhanger 1.0 before and after new BFG tires.

jeep vs ford vs mazda vs chevy for a few bucks less

The “For a Few Bucks Less” video series continues with episode 3 where we take our cheap ($2,500) little trucks off-road. This is our first real-world shakedown before the main challenge – driving about 300 miles south-west and running the Imogene Pass trail.

This video series is brought to you by our friends at BFGoodrich Tires. One this episode we show you our trucks off-road with old tires, versus new all-terrain or mud-terrain tires from BFG.

If you have been watching the series, you know that Nathan purchased a 1996 Chevy Blazer (S-10). Tommy picked up a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I grabbed a 1994 Mazda B4000 (aka. Ford Ranger).

We were all able to purchase them at or under $2,500 – but this was just the beginning of our problems. On previous episode, you saw our friend Toby (master mechanic) look over our rigs and he found some serious problems. No matter, we put some money into these machines to make them safe. Now, we are all ready to meet in the mountains and take them up Cliffhanger 1.0 trail.

My B4000 truck needed the most expensive fix, approximately $700 to fix the front suspension and steering components. It did not stop there. Once we got them climbing the dare side of Cliffhanger 1.0 – we found out that only one of our beasts has working 4×4.

Tommy’s Jeep is the most functioning, and his troubled transmission is still holding together. The automatic front hubs failed to engage on my truck. The low-range is working great, but the front axle is not helping. The 4WD vacuum system failed on the Blazer.

After replacing the hubs on the Mazda and fixing the vacuum system on the Chevy and putting on brand new tires – we take on the mountain one more time. The difference is clear!