News: 2022 Ford e-Transit Price to Start at $43,295 – Registration Site Is Open

All-electric Ford F-150 will be in dealers in 2022.

2022 ford etransit e-transit electric van price
image: Ford

Ford announces the price for the upcoming 2022 Ford e-Transit all-electric van will start at $43,295 for a cutaway chassis van. EV van pricing will extend to $52,690 for a high-roof extended-wheelbase cargo van model. The company also opens an official registration site for interested commercial customers to describe their van configuration needs.

Ford says the e-Transit order banks will open in July 2021, and the EV van sales are said to start at the end of 2021. The company also says that the new all-electric Ford F-150 trucks will hit dealerships in 2022.

How does the pricing of the new all-electric van compare to the current 2021 Ford Transit cutaway and cargo models? The 2021 gas-powered Transit cutaway starts at $31,145 (a difference of $12,150). Also, a gas-powered extended wheelbase high-roof cargo 2021 Transit starts at $41,765 (a difference of $10,925). Does it make sense to spend the extra money upfront for the electric van? Each business or customer needs to do the math for their particular use case and fuel costs. Ford estimates the e-Transit maintenance costs over 8 years or 100,000 to be about 40% less than that of a gas-powered Transit.

Ford says they used insights from about 30 million miles of customer telematics data to understand the average full-size van use case. The company says an average commercial van drives around 74 miles per day. They gave the e-Transit a 67 kWh battery pack and a range of around 126 miles. The van can also provide a 2.4 kW generator/power-export capability to feed tools or accessories.

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