Could the Next 2022 Toyota Tundra Also Offer a Plug-in Hybrid?

The company says two EV vehicles and one plug-in hybrid will debut soon.

2022 toyota tundra plug-in hybrid

Could a Toyota Tundra Prime be in the cards?

Rumors about the upcoming next-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra continue to swirl. Several unofficial sources suggested that the next Tundra will offer a high-powered gas/electric hybrid 3.5-liter V6 engine. Some anonymous sources say that the new truck will offer several versions of a hybrid with various power levels. Toyota has not made any official statements about the next Tundra truck. We are still not even sure when the new truck will make its world debut.

This week Toyota made an official announcement that two new full EV vehicles and one new plug-in hybrid vehicle will make their debut this year. Toyota is officially taking a diversified approach to vehicle powertrains. While some companies are completely shifting their development focus to all-electric vehicles – Toyota says there are still use-cases for plug-in gas/electric hybrid vehicles in the future that expends to 2030 and beyond. The company says that current plug-in hybrids offer very similar environmental benefits and impacts to current fully-electric vehicles. This is based on extensive research Toyota did to analyze average driver habits and routes.

This makes a lot of sense. A compact SUV that is used for shorter trips can greatly benefit from an all-electric system. However, a large pickup truck that is hauling or towing heavy loads may be better served with a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Again, Toyota has not made any official statements about the upcoming full-size truck. Toyota currently offers two plug-in hybrid models in the United States: the Prius Prime and the RAV4 Prime. Will the next plug-in Hybrid be a people mover (such as the Highlander Prime or a Sienna Prime), or will it be a Tundra Prime? We will have to patiently wait to find out for sure.