Video: Here’s What I Love and Hate About my New Ford Raptor After Owning it for a Month!

2020 ford f-150 raptor 4x4 4wd

After one month, we have a better understanding of our new Ford Raptor

Shortly after we bought our new Ford Raptor, we did notice a few issues, but things have improved since then. At TFLStudios, we work our machines hard, and our new Ford Raptor has already been featured in many videos. Over the next year, it will be featured in dozens more.

We spent $77,000 on this truck. Believe it or not, we were lucky to even get it for this price. Dealerships are adding a ton to the purchase price. Our Raptor came standard with a 450 horsepower high-output twin-turbocharged V6 that makes 510 lbs-feet of torque. It’s hooked up to a 10-speed automatic.

2020 ford f-150 raptor purchase new problems issues dealer

Things Roman likes:

  • BFGoodrich all-terrain tires that are snow rated
  • Truck SofTopper
  • Four-wheel drive: “Auto” mode
  • Heated steering wheel & metal paddle shifters
  • Power and performance
  • Button layout and stereo performance
  • Seat comfort
  • Truck’s red color

Things about our new Ford Raptor Roman does not like:

  • Exhaust note and the augmented exhaust sound inside the cabin
  • Overall inexpensive feel to the interior
  • Fuel economy
  • Size for daily driving
  • Size for off-road driving
  • SYNC alerts

There are many other items that Roman and Tommy bring up in the video. Ford has announced a replacement for the Raptor, based on the new 2021 F-150 platform. Roman thinks it may be a 2022 model with all of the current “new” F-150‘s being 2021 models.

As it stands, we wanted to use this Raptor and the upcoming Ram TRX (we recently pre-ordered) to do a series of tests and comparisons. They will both establish a benchmark when we compare all other full-size trucks. We are very excited to see how 2021 pans out with these new vehicles.

Sit back and enjoy the video. We would like to hear from you about what you love and hate about the 2020 Ford Raptor too!

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