Ask TFL: When Will the Ford Tremor Deliver the Factory Winch?

2021 Ford Super Duty Tremor Warn Winch

This time on “Ask TFL” we have a question from Sergio and availability of a factory Warn winch for the Ford Super Duty Tremor off-road truck. Here is what Sergio writes.

“As you already know, Ford announced a 12K Warn winch as an option for the 2020 Super Duty Tremor Package in January of 2020. Steven Elmer from your staff did a story on this shortly after. I’ve been trying to get this front winch for a year now and Ford acts like I’m making this up.  I’ve been to two dealers over the course of a year and now have an open case with Dearborn, but I keep being told that no part numbers exist, and I should call Warn. Well, I’ve called Warn, and they say it does exist and that they have an exclusive agreement with Ford Performance, and this part can only be ordered from them.  I can tell you that hundreds of other Tremor owners and I are so very frustrated with Ford right now. There was a rumor that it can be ordered for a 2021 Tremor, but my local dealers at Dearborn deny this.”

Sorry that you are not getting a clear answer.

We checked into it. The first simple answer is that this Warn 12,000 lbs winch is now configuration on Ford’s website for 2021 Ford Super Duty trucks. It’s listed as a $3,000 option (see below). Ford also said the winch will be available as a Performance Parts accessory and can be dealer-installed. However, the Ford Performance parts website currently does not have the winch lists.

2021 ford super duty tremor warn winch

Currently, the Ram Power Wagon is currently the only truck with a factory-installed winch. It appears that the Super Duty Tremor winch is very close to reaching new customers. Hopefully, it will also be available as part soon.