What’s The Easiest Truck To Live With If You’re UNDER 6 Feet Tall? Nathan to the Rescue Ep. 9 (Video)

2017 honda ridgeline towing maximum review
If you’re under 6 feet tall and looking for a light-duty utility vehicle with a bed. This might be your ride! (Image: TFLtruck)

Under 6 feet tall and need a truck?

The gang at TFLstudios is tall. Yep, we range from 6’1″ to about 6’6″ if you’re counting Roman, Andre, Stephen, Tommy and Nathan (me). Unfortunately, we tend to look at the vehicles we drive as comfortable – only IF – they are comfy for our sizes. If you are on the shorter side, we have not represented you properly. Sorry.

Recently, we received a few message regarding this. This includes a great email and a message to Nathanadlen@Twitter. I even received an angry phone call from my sister. She’s about 5’2″ and is disgruntled (usually, it’s about me). She has issues with tall trucks as well.

2019 Honda Ridgeline overland tent camp project
Honda Ridgeline Overland concept
(Image: Honda)

I wanted to show you this letter, which is the crux of the video:

Hello my name is Evan. I have a question. 

What is a good truck for shorter people? New and old model 
I am 5’3. I do not need a truck for work purposes. (and) I would just like one as an appliance / furniture hauler And to go on light trails and snow. 

Space is never really an issue with me, but I would like other people to have room. I have noticed that the bed is tough for me to reach into on new and newer models of trucks.

The older models early 2000s and older are easier for me to get into. I think this is a question that needs to be answered. 

I love the show. Thank you for your time. 

2017 honda ridgeline towing
(Image: TFLtruck)

My recommendation is the Honda Ridgeline. Yep, it’s not very popular with folks who need serious towing or off-road capability, but its mission-statement is different than most. It’s a utility vehicle with a very useable bed.

I agree, it’s not a Tacoma, but it was never meant to be one. Aside from being comfortable, utilitarian and efficient (watch our drag-race/efficiency video here) it’s easily accessible. For everyone.

I not only noticed how easy it is to get inside of for my 4’10” grade-schooler, I was struck about the ease of bed access. It’s remarkably easy to reach inside to the bed. Its bed is lower than a majority of modern pickup trucks. The Ridgeline has a slick tailgate that performs a normal task of dropping AND it swings open. Swinging open allows for much easier access to the cargo area.

2019 toyota 4runner trd pro texas rodeo
2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro (near Austin, TX)
(Image: TFLtruck)

The other note was from someone who was 5’4″ who wanted an SUV that competed with Jeep. He wanted something that could easily two 3,000-lbs and was rugged (and reliable). That’s easy – the Toyota 4Runner was my recommendation.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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