[Updated] Dodge Durango Gains Sales While Chevy Tahoe and Others Slide Down (Q1 2020 Sales Report)

Sales are down but not by too much, except for Toyota.

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Here are the latest sales numbers for the full-size SUVs during the first quarter of 2020. While Ford has not reported its sales yet, we have the numbers from the other manufacturers. It’s a general downward trend, but the aging Dodge Durango somehow keeps on making progress. The Durango is up 5% when compared to Q1 2019.

The full-size GM SUVs are still leading the sales, but the entire lineup is undergoing a complete overhaul. The all-new 2021 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, GMC Yukon, and Yukon XL are coming to market soon this year. As the generation of these big-boy SUVs change over, we expect to see the usual downturn in sales.

Of course, the dealership sales department lockdowns are hitting the overall numbers as well.

Check out all the numbers below.

Full-Size SUV Sales – Q1 2020

Q1 2020Q1 20/19 %YTD 2020YTD 20/19 %
Chevrolet Tahoe20,403-2.2%20,403-2.2%
GMC Yukon/XL14,066-5.9%14,066-5.9%
Ford Expedition19,790-9.1%19,790-9.1%
Dodge Durango17,8055%17,8055%
Chevrolet Suburban9,495-13.9%9,495-13.9%
Nissan Armada8,027-18.1%8,027-18.1%
Toyota Sequoia1,408-41.6%1,408-41.6%

Here is the total number of all Chevrolet and GMC full-size SUVs combined. As you can see, while GM full-size SUV sales are down, they still sell more than all other competitors combined.

Q1 2020Q1 20/19%YTD 2020YTD 20/19 %
GM SUVs43,964-6.1%43,964-6.1%