Truck Movies! Is Super Van the Best WORST Truck Movie Of All Time? (Movie Review)

SuperVan 1977. Images: Empire Productions

What’s one of the best WORST Truck movies? SUPERVAN!

There are some real stinkers out there, and we’ve seen a ton. To start our weekly movie review (for both good and bad truck films) we are focusing on a few stinkers. Under the current worldwide crisis, and the fact that many of us have to remain home, we thought we could provide some unique entertainment options for truck fans.

These films are mostly available online through various subscription and non-subscription viewing services. Sometimes, a preview is more than adequate.

Here is best WORST truck movie this week!

SuperVan (1977) – Man, the van culture was hard to stomach for those who survived the 70s. Watching this film may induce painful flashbacks for those who tried to forget. I was in grade-school and, man.. it sucked.  

The movie is about a young man (custom van owner) who wants to attend the Freakout van get-together in Missouri. After destroying his prized van, his scientist buddy has him take the futuristic, solar-powered SuperVan to the Freakout instead.

Sex, drugs (terrible) rock-n-roll and miserable car chases abound. There’s a story in there, somewhere. It’s mostly sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and car chases. The acting, directing and story are monumentally bad. Oh, and it’s supposed to be a comedy that some would call, van-ploitation.

*Fact: “Supervan” was customized by 1960’s Batmobile and 1980’s Knight Rider KITT (among many others) George Barris. He designed outlandish vehicles for the film and television industry for decades. Barris also has a role in this stinker.

SuperVan is based on a stock, early/mid 70’s (B series platform) Dodge Sportsman van. SuperVan stars Mark Schneider, Katie Saylor, Morgan Woodward, Len Lesser and George Barris. It was directed by Lamar Card.

As a kid, I owned a Hot Wheels version of SuperVan having never seen the movie until I was in my teens at a drive-in theater. Trust me, it’s a proper teen drive-in fim. I do recommend it to the nostalgic types, especially if you dig those groovy vans. You may need to disinfect after sitting though it.

I added the German SuperVan TV spot because it is not as terrible as the American TV spot.

Speaking of a Super – Van…

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