Updated 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: What’s Changed, What Stays the Same, and Why (Video)

We ask the Tacoma chief engineer all the tough questions.

2020 toyota tacoma
2020 Toyota Tacoma (Photo: Toyota)

Is the 2020 Toyota Tacoma more of the same?

Tommy had an opportunity to talk to the Chief Engineer of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma, Sheldon Brown, about the changes – and what stayed the same. The Tacoma is still the best selling truck in its class, by a large margin. Still, the competition is coming on strong and changes are needed. They primarily discussed the 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro package.

Toyota invited TFLtruck to the rugged Rocky Mountain trails in Ouray, Colorado to drive the new Tacoma.

Here are a few highlights of what’s new:

  • LED high and low beam headlights which has daytime running lights and the same unit doubles as the front turn signal. They also produce more light, illuminate a larger area and are more efficient.
  • The new wheels for the TRD Pro are lighter and the Fox suspension has been re-tuned.
  • Big news for all 2020 Toyota Tacomas (from the SR5 trip – up) is the available 10-way adjustable driver’s seat. This was in response to the years of complaints regarding the unusual seating position for the driver in Tacomas through time.
(Photo: Toyota)
  • The new head unit for the updated infotainment system has an eight-inch screen and the Tacoma now has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • There is a new camera setup that covers panoramic and multi terrain views. The multi terrain view not only shows you what’s in front of the truck, but what’s in front of the front tires as well.
  • All 2020 Toyota Tacomas receive a slight refresh in the back with a new tail light design and new in-bed lighting.

Here’s what’s not so new:

  • Pretty much everything else. That includes the rear drum brakes which they seem to be sticking with, at least for now. Toyota likes how robust, reliable and capable the drums are.
  • The powertrain, frame and body are pretty much all carryovers too. Still, they did change the mapping and programming, but it’s nothing that increases overall numbers.

Check out this video and let us know what you think. Is the 2020 Toyota Tacoma a worthy improvement, or more of the same?

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