The Nissan Recon Is the Camper Van You Never Thought You Wanted (Video)

nissan nv200 2019 recon campers rv overland vanille
Nissan Recon Campers NV200

What would you say if you could get a small van that is outfitted with two beds, sink, refrigerator, water heater, and the latest electronics; and you could still park it in a standard garage? Is there such a thing as an “everyday camper”, meaning a camper van small enough to drive everyday, but just large enough to be able to escape the daily bustle and go for a healthy doze of outdoor relaxation? This is the idea behind this Nissan “Recon Campers” NV200 camper van that was recently unveiled at the 2018 Overland Expo.

The best part is this #vanlife camper has been green-lighted for a limited production run as a collaboration between Recon Campers and Nissan. You will be able to order and pick one up at your local Nissan dealership for a price of just north of $50,000, including all the options. Indeed, this approximately doubles the price of a standard Nissan NV200 minivan/commercial van, but consider that this little camper has no direct competition on the United States market.

The VW T6 California that we recently tested is not on sale in the United States, plus it is a larger and more expensive van. There is also Wayfarer Vans company that sell camper van kits for a Ram ProMaster City, but this is a install-your-own kit, and it does not give a folding rooftop tent/bed space (see video below).