Driven Off-Road: Custom Diesel Jeep Wrangler [Video]


One of the benefits of being in this business is the opportunity to drive cool vehicles and meet like-minded people. When Ulrich Veit from ORZ California asked us if we’d like to drive his custom-built diesel Bawarrion Wrangler as he passed through the Boulder, CO area, it was all we could do to stay calm enough to type out a coherent reply. Yes, the Wrangler pictured above has a 2.8L CRD diesel engine. No, you can’t get one here in the United States… although rumors have been swirling around that the next-generation Wrangler could be offered with a turbo-diesel engine option. The vehicle seen here could be an indication of what’s coming down the pipeline from Jeep and its parent company, FCA. Minus all the customization, that is.

The Bawarrion (a combination of Bavarian and Warrior) diesel Jeep Wrangler came all the way to us from Germany, where it was fitted with a modified 5-speed transmission, upgrades to its suspension, and 37-inch tires with beadlock wheels. The 2.8L diesel engine is available in European markets and comes stock with 200 hp and 339 lb-ft of torque. The engine has been tuned to produce an additional 26 hp and 37 lb-ft.

ORZ California does manufacture the beadlock wheels, the steering stabilizer kit, and a unique towing hitch among other components.

According to the vehicle’s trip meter, the Wrangler has been averaging a combined MPG of 21. That’s impressive considering the additional weight of the custom suspension components, bumpers and oversized tires.

So how did the Jeep do up Gold Mine Hill? Check out the video below to see its run, as well as a rundown on the custom Jeep that came all the way from Germany just for you.