The Most Bitchin’ Van Commercial, EVER!

“The Most Bitchin’ Van Commercial, EVER!,” that’s what the first comment says on this YouTube Nissan NV Cargo Van Commercial (below).

And you know what? It may be true.

This is not just another Nissan van commercial, but a short film called “The Delivery” that could have been directed by Quentin Tarantino….if he ever decided to make a Nissan NV Van commercials.

The short ad film starts Mickey Rourke, Carl Weathers, Raymond Cruz and Teresa Ruiz. You’ll probably recognize all of them, and you’ll no doubt will also recognize the music, plot and genre of bad guy gone good vs bad guy still bad.

Mickey Rourke plays a florist who owns a flower shop called Fistful of Flowers and he’s been asked to deliver a special “flower” package to an unknown address is the dessert. You can probably guess what happens next.


We won’t spoil the plot, but needless to say there is even a dirt bike chase and a sexy Latin femme fatale played by Teresa Ruiz who knows how to fight and love.

Some of the comments on this short film/commercial from Nissan’s YouTube page include:

  • This is the dopest ad I’ve ever seen.
  • This was a cool commercial. Not only did I refuse to his the “skip” button, I came back to look it up.
  • This is the way to do advertising! Making it entertaining 🙂
  • Ok they Sold Me on the Van, I was looking at the Ford one.

We rarely post manufacturer commercials, but this one is well worth five minutes of your time.

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